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Maybe, just possibly, all that did transpire as a negative outcome did as a result of going against the tide,
All the while I was not within my true destiny that was set forth for me to take.
The pain and the sorrow all occurred since the road being walked upon was not the correct one of which I should have traveled.
It could have been probable that due to the wrong direction of which was chosen,
I have not yet become the person of which I should have been.
Many years passed,
Still feeling as though my place in the world was somewhere other than where I was residing,
Constantly striving to understand why I had not been able to integrate myself into such a society.
I have been caught in between the path I had waiting for me on the other side and the one I was stuck within.
The events which developed were from a trail that I was not meant to travel in the first place-
While still in wake the truth was there to find,
As I was within the confines of a choice that was not my own,
Which therefore shaped the fate of which I was being led towards.
It almost all seems surreal to me,
As I forge forward to where my heart has been located these many years,
And this sudden change that has transpired, may be for the best.
While looking through what is before me into the deeper meaning,
I can now view the silver lining-
Transitioning from what was not originally meant to be-
To what should have been;
Making me come to realize that the lapse between when I was young to now has only been me sitting,
Merely being alive-
Staring at a blank wall in a waiting room,
Waiting for my chance to regain what should have been mine from the start.
I very commonly fall into deep thought, which leads me to write poems in depth and very extreme meaning.
This relates to how I moved while I was young, but never truly felt I fit in-
And I felt that the place I left was where my heart stayed.

AcidicStormclouds Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Writer
o^o I understand how this feels...
GNPoetry Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Writer
Glad someone can relate. (: Even though it's not that great of a feeling...
AcidicStormclouds Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Writer
Indeed. :0
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September 11, 2012
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